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We offer following products. Most of our factories used made for big brands so we offer the best quality products with reasonable price. We also offer the lowest price guarantee in North America. Our goal is to reduce your purchase cost 5% to 15% or more. :
Mud Valves - to replace Demco®: Performance Guarantee. Lowest price guarantee. Our mud valves pasted 200 life cycle test. Size: 2", 3", 4", 5"; 1000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi; Threaded, BW or Flanged
SEAT: We offer diferent sizes of mud valve seat boot with good price and quality.
Cameron FC Type Slab Gate Valves: Our FC style valves are widely used by major wellhead companies, choke-kill manifold customers in USA and Canada. Size: 1-13/16, 2-1/16, 2-9/16, 3-1/16, 3-1/8, 4-1/16, 5-1/16, 5-1/8, 7-1/16; 5,000 - 20,000 psi; manual and hydraulical operated
We also offer 6A Expand Gate Valve - to replace W-K-M®
Pumping Unit: Our conventional pump jacks are made by OEM factories for two major big USA brands. We offer one more years warranty than big brands. Price savings for you. We also offer long stroke pumping units, Rodless pump jacks, even 600 feet flex stroke pumping unit for shallow wells. We are your production solution provider, we have enough technoledge and equipment to reduce your operation cost.
Visit www.PumpJackDepot.com or call (281)683-2797 now.
Electric Motors: Our motor factory did private label manufacture for three big brands many years. Our quality is on the top. We offer NEMA D and NEMA B motors from 1 HP to 500 Horsepowers. We have huge inventory in Houston,TX, USA. Call (281)683-2797 to save your money now.
Forged Parts or Materials : To make manufacture back to the United States which need raw materials. We have 18 tons die hammers ready to work for you, both open die and close die. Send your forge drawings to Quote@ibyOUTLET.com to get price to see how much we can save for you. View our facilities here.
Drilling Rigs: Our Rig manufacturer is one of top 6 certified rig manufacturers by CNPC. We make different land rigs and offshore rigs. Comparing with the state owned rig manufacturers, we are more competitive and with higher effeciency. We take care our customers better than others. Welcome to send your bidding docuemnts to Quote@ShaleDrillingRig.com
Studs & Bolts: We offer all the sizes and materials. Inventory available in Houston, TX
Small ball valves and check valves: Click our regular oilfield small valves and API 602 forged gate, check, globe valves and all VALVE PARTS to see if anything works for you.
Studded Cross and Tees
Wellheads: Tubing heads, Casing heads from 2000psi to 15000psi. We are the OEM supplier for main wellheads manufacturers.
Drilling, Fishing, Workover Tools, Jars
Elbows: 2000#, 2"  and 180 degree bent 
Hammer Unions: from 2000psi to 15000psi
Chokes: 2000 - 10,000psi
Mud Pump Spare Parts
High Pressure Drilling Fluid Loop System
Mud Pumps
Tong Die
API QA/QC Service: Our China QA/QC team are very familiar with API specification, and we have our own test facilities in China which will be better than choosing other QA/QC third party inspectors

Sourcing Service: The most reliable channel in China.

We are not an affiliated enterprise with Demco, W-K-M, Cameron

We sell Non-OEM replacement products for Demco®, W-K-M®, Cameron® and/or other brands. All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part listed is a product of any of these manufacturers.

* Demco®, W-K-M®, Cameron® are registered trade mark owned by Cooper-Cameron.
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